Bill of Lading Form Templates

Download Free Bill of Lading Form Templates Sample. A bill of lading is typically abbreviated as B/L or BOL. Basically, it is a legal file that is typically issued by a service provider and presented to the shipper as a commitment of carriage of merchandise. This can even be considered as the sales receipt of shipment for the goods shipping to a certain destination. The file is accompanied by mailed goods. It must be signed by the representative service provider, receiver or carrier. No matter the form of travelling, this record has to be there. It secures the, shipper and the two carrier. The file contains all the necessary information emphasizing the destination, number and types for the items.

To understand about Bill of Lading more plainly, let’s guess that a logistics company has got to transport fuel to some position with a large truck. The driver and grow representative has got to sign the expenses of lading, just before the gas is packed in the vehicle. When the gas is reached securely to the vacation spot, the truck driver must get the file signed by the clerk as nicely or anyone who receives it. This can offer as a proof. In addition, it prevents robbery for the company’s assets.